Emily is Vegan. Kat is Paleo. Together, we are Vegeo.

In the Paleo world, vegans are often thought of as sorely misguided (and unhealthy) do-gooder hippies. To vegans, people who follow the Paleo diet are viewed as barbaric carnivores who will devour any meat they can lay their clubs on. Why such animosity? Surely there are certain things that both diets/lifestyles can agree on.

Take dairy, for example. Vegans do not eat animal products, thus they do not consume dairy. Paleo also does not eat dairy (for the most part).

Or what about vegetables? Both vegans and Paleos eat veggies as a main source of nutrients.

Vegeo is a safe space for both vegans and Paleo folks. We renounce the negativity and hate that can divide us, and instead focus on the foods that unite us.

Each month we will pick a “vegeo” food. Kat will come up with Paleo recipes featuring that item, and Emily will post vegan recipes. Bonus points if a recipe is entirely “vegeo.”

Neither of us stick religiously to recipes (or to measuring, for that matter). We do not have formal culinary training. We just like to eat delicious food, and want you to do the same. So feel free to take whatever we post and make it your own. Change it up so you like it. We will not be offended.

Though Kat is Paleo and Emily is vegan, we both understand that not every “diet” works for every person. There is no one lifestyle that should be lived by everybody. Do what works for you.  And enjoy!


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