Bio – Emily

Hi! I’m Emily. I live in Northern Minnesota.

Where it started: I’ve been following a vegan diet for about 5 months so I’m still relatively new to the meat free/dairy free lifestyle. I began eating vegan because I realized, after a wild amount of soul searching, book reading, and wonderful conversation having, that some of my life choices weren’t correlating with my most deeply held political and spiritual beliefs and, although I was kind of trying, my desire to live sustainably hadn’t really come full circle yet. (Side note: It still hasn’t. Will it ever? This is a long journey.) But, among other daily practices eating vegan is a choice I make, at the most basic level, to live as simply and sustainably as possible.

A couple quick thoughts on Vegan-ism: I love that eating vegan makes me feel more energized. I almost never leave a meal feeling bogged down. I love growing food to eat and that all the veggies that comes out of the garden are healthy and clean and good.  I love that spices make all the difference when cooking and that it’s even more fun to be creative with them when cooking vegan. One of the hardest parts is not succumbing to all the endless supply of easy-to-eat soy products available. I think that local is the most important thing to keep in mind when you’re buying food.

Other parts of my life include: co-managing a coffee shop, living in a tiny cabin in the middle of the woods, volunteering at the food shelf, participating in a local book study group, gardening in the summer, reading by the wood stove in the winter, and hanging out with my dog Oscar all year long.


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