Bio – Kat

Hi, I’m Kat! I live in Denver, CO, though I am originally from Minnesota.

I follow the Paleo diet because it is what works best with my body. I used to get stomach aches after eating. When I would complain of this to my mom she suggested that I record everything that I eat, and then write down when I got stomach aches. I tried this a few times but couldn’t see a pattern myself, so dropped the issue and continued to live with tummy pain. A few years ago a good friend suggested that I may have a gluten intolerance. Up until that point I had heard of food allergies and lactose intolerances, but never a gluten intolerance. Plus I loved pizza, grilled cheese, and beer way too much to give those things up! I also underestimated the amount of gluten I was eating and overestimated the amount of veggies I was taking in. So I continued to eat what I wanted, and the stomach pain stayed with me. After a while, though, I began to look critically at the food I was eating. I realized that I was hardly eating any veggies at all! Now, it doesn’t take a genius to know that veggies are good for you (I mean c’mon, even cavemen knew this stuff!). I decided to try the Paleo thing out (with the help of that friend who suggested my gluten intolerance). It started as a way to replace empty carb calories with nutrient-rich veggie calories (think replacing wheat noodles with spaghetti squash, or using eggplant instead of dough for pizzas). Pretty soon, though, I started to feel a change. Not only were my crippling stomach aches gone, but I was able to sleep more soundly, think more clearly, sustain my energy throughout the day, and maintain a more active lifestyle. Of course, I have my cheat meals/days, but overall I am committed to living the Paleo lifestyle, not as a passing weight-loss fad, but as a way to establish good life-long health.

I work as a barista at a coffee shop and Paleo bistro called mmm…COFFEE! in Denver. All of our food offerings are 100% grain-, gluten-, soy-, GMO-, corn-, and dairy-free. I also do part-time relief work at a youth homeless shelter. Other things in my life include biking (I don’t own a car), painting (in the Norwegian style of Rosemaling), exercising (running/boxing/CrossFit), and reading and writing.

I am a huge supporter of buying and eating locally, enjoying meals with friends and family, and sitting down to eat.


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