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November: Pumpkin


What better way to start off a recipe blog than with a delicious seasonal food – pumpkin!

Though the month is half over, pumpkin is an obvious choice as our first common ingredient. Soups, drinks, pies, baked goods. The possibilities are endless. Stay tuned to see what Kat and Emily will create using this fall favorite.


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Welcome to Vegeo!

Welcome to Vegeo!

This blog is an attempt to bring together two kinds of people who may otherwise not get along – vegans and Paleo folks. Though these two ways of eating have some very different ideas about what is “healthy” for a human to consume, there are also similarities between the diets.

Leave your animosity at the kitchen door.

Dear vegans, not all people who eat Paleo are brutish cave-people, weilding clubs to kill any animal that crosses their path.

Dear Paleo people, not all vegans are smelly hippies who cry over every ant that is accidentally stepped on.

This is, first and foremost, a blog about commonality. We all eat vegetables.

Each month we will choose one food item to cook with. Throughout the month we will upload recipes containing that food item – Kat will post Paleo recipes, while Emily will post vegan recipes. Bonus points if a recipe is both vegan AND Paleo.

(Oh, but can it be done?!)

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