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Paleo (and Vegan) Pumpkin Pie Porridge


Oatmeal has never been my thing. Unless it’s topped with maple syrup and brown sugar (yes, I said AND), I have usually not been interested. Since going Paleo I have not run into this problem, as oats are a grain.

On a chilly fall day like today however, a rare day when clouds are overhead all morning and into the afternoon, I felt the need for something warm, soft, and filling. Something like oatmeal. Something in a bowl to mimic the autumn feel of the yellow and red leaves outside. Something to warm my hands as I snuggle up in my sweatshirt and scarf. Something filled with pumpkin and spices.

It was also relatively early in the day when I got this hankering, and I was not in the mood for soup or cookies (those will be coming later). So I decided to make a “noatmeal,” or porridge. It is relatively quick and easy, and it tastes delicious!


How to make ’em:

½ c. pumpkin puree
½ c. coconut milk (canned)
½ c. water
together until they are well-mixed.

¼ c. chestnut flour
¼ c. almond flour
¼ c. flaxseed meal
¼ c. chia seeds
to the above mixture and stir thoroughly so all the dry ingredients are wet and the wet ingredients are dry.

Heat the above mixture on the stove top (on low-medium heat), stirring constantly and being careful not to burn the flours or coconut milk. Some water will evaporate and some will be absorbed by the chia seeds, so if you want your porridge more liquid/runny just add more water.

Once it is heated, remove from heat and stir in
2 Tbsp Maple syrup
ground ginger
ground cinnamon
ground nutmeg
ground cloves
to taste. I like cinnamon, so I added a lot of that. I dislike ginger, so I only added a little bit. But do what tastes best to you!

You can either eat it as is or add toppings to the Pumpkin Pie Porridge. I added raisins and some more coconut milk. Other toppings to try could include: more maple syrup, unsweetened coconut flakes, chopped pecans (or other nuts), craisins, almond milk. Anything fall-ish that you can think of, really.

This recipe made plenty for two people (or lunch today and breakfast tomorrow!). I put my leftovers in a container and put them in the fridge and plan to eat them tomorrow. I wonder what the chia seeds will do to it overnight…

This is a delicious breakfast, snack, dessert, or really anytime fall food. It is easy and quick. All you need is a stovetop (or you could probably use a microwave.) And the best part is, I can share it with my vegan friends!


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